About the Studio

Offering clean crisp communication since 2000. When I first started sfabbella.com it housed my projects fresh out of college. Shortly thereafter gaining experience and working with clients such as:

Bank of America, Bayer, MLB, Leros Point to Point, Kelly Christy Hats, Jewelbox on Madison, Rosario Acquista Salon, Covo NYC, Fragole Ristorante, Metropolitan Paper, Regina Pierallini, One of a Kind Childcare, Virgin Fragrances, Maryandmoney.com, Robert Gamez Foundation, Tyler's Trees, Rooster Design Group, Laura Esner, Aviva Klein, See Think Productions, Churchill & Co, Dairy Barn Stores, Oaktree Dairy and more...

Moving forward, we are like a seven-headed monster that creates websites, logos/identities, print posters, design apparel, art direct campaigns, photography, design print/web advertising and more.


Our Family


Our Services


 Graphic Design



 Web Design and Implementation

 E-Commerce Websites

 Wordpress and other CMS

 Design for Social Networking Launch (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Etc...)

 Package Design

 Screen Printing Services

 Screen Printing Workshops and silk-screening at events


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"Taking something that started as an idea, putting it out to the masses and making a connection is what inspires us to work on every new project."

Our good design sense and healthy type foundation keeps us ahead of the cookie-cutter shops and freelancers that claim they can build you a good website. We are also very passionate about Brooklyn, as well as the greater NY area (Catskills we're looking at you). Even more so, our passion extends to music, riding bikes, skating and graffiti.